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Content Refresh

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Recently I’ve been updating the site with lots of new content, especially the photos page with almost entirely new images in all the sections, replacing images that hadn’t changed for a little while. This page will be updated biannually or annually, as I have plenty of other way to see my latest work, like this blog, sets of photos and my […]

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Bye bye Dropbox

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For the past few years Dropbox has been my faithful companion when it comes to sharing my photos, but as they’ve introduced more and more clutter, removed features in an attempt to monetise it, it has become less professional and I needed to find an alternative. Hello sets! As a recent small project, I have […]

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New RSS Feed

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I have now implemented an RSS feed for the blog due to demand. The blog will keep you up to date with all my latest news, so if you want to stay connected then RSS is a good option. So the RSS feed is: http://garethnunns.com/blog/rss.php, I hope this will be useful for all those that use […]

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Welcome to my new blog. I wanted to started a blog for those things that don’t fit into a Facebook update and to share concepts with a larger community. I can’t promise how often I will post, but I aim to keep this as an active part of the site. On that note, I still […]

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