2017 Website Design

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It's been a while since I've redesigned the site, but uni has been pretty busy. However, it's a lot more than just cosmetics - the site is now fully converted to a WordPress site - I hear you ask, why WordPress? That's another blog post. In short, for me it makes a lot of sense going forward: there was a lot of content wrapped up in lots of custom code and it was a bit unmanageable and difficult to update.

Gareth Nunns 2017 new website design
How a blog post looks: 2014 design (left), 2017 design (right)
Gareth Nunns 2013 website design
How the site looked in 2013 when it launched

What's new?

  • The design is all new: aiming to be more modern and clean. You can see from the screenshot above the focus is now more on the content, with added colour and styling. It uses some of the newer CSS attributes, so if you think something doesn't look quite right in your browser, send me a screenshot and the details of your browser. Of course it's fully responsive too, so try it on your phone, or resize your browser 🙂
  • The whole blog system is much clearer and everything on the site is searchable
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - with any luck you got here from a search engine... I've made lots of changes to make the site show up better and higher in search engines
  • There are lots of new pictures in the photos section

What's not so new?

A lot of the content remains the same, you can't improve on perfection... In seriousness, this was probably the most boring part of making the new site: transferring all the old content into WordPress. To improve the SEO this meant renaming a load of files, adding alt tags and lots of copying and pasting. However, now I've done it, it means it will be much easier to change the look of the site, as well as how it works. There are still a few bits of pretty old content if you go back far enough on the blog, but hopefully nothing too embarrassing.

Will it get updated more often?

Good one. Hopefully now it's easier to update, I'll do some more interesting posts but also pass the uni degree...