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Loughborough University Library ran a competition with the topic of ‘extreme reading’ and I entered the photo below Unfortunately, it had to be a composite of two shots as for some reason the uni don’t want students on top of the highest accommodation block on campus… A photo posted by Gareth Nunns (@garethnunns) on Feb 21, 2016 […]

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Content Refresh

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Recently I’ve been updating the site with lots of new content, especially the photos page with almost entirely new images in all the sections, replacing images that hadn’t changed for a little while. This page will be updated biannually or annually, as I have plenty of other way to see my latest work, like this blog, sets of photos and my […]

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Velo Festival

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Recently, I was privileged enough to ride giant cycles round Cambridge with a few friends as part of the Velo Festival, which was celebrating the Tour de France and cycling in Cambridge. They were great fun and a unique excuse to get a day off college. It was a great experience, with the vivid outfits and unusual […]

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Unfortunately, with exams looming the website and other associated hobbies must be neglected to give way for revision and so little will be posted on the website. This includes blog posts, photos of the week, videos (of which there are many that I have produced that are not currently on the videos page) and a […]

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