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Music videos I’ve produced for artists

New Zealand based band Yumi Zouma came to me with a concept for a series of creative videos, inspired by the work of James Turrell, for their latest album Truth or Consequences (Alternate Versions). I brought in Mark Meggy to assist with this project, especially for his production management, and working together with the band […]

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Bridge Sessions

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Bridge Sessions aim to showcase local talent around the Cambridge area to promote upcoming and existing musical artists. I helped film the first videos in this series, including videos of The Cogo and Son of Ee. The audio and editing for all of the videos was done by Adam Miller who pioneered the project. Most of the videos were fairly easy […]

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A live acoustic video I shot for Tyne, formerly Grace Sarah, performing a stripped down version of her track Somebodies Something. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look and was able to create a simple lighting set up at Comberton Sports and Arts. The audio sounds great, thanks to the talents of Michael Smith and […]

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Michael Robshaw

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Michael Robshaw is a local up and coming artist who has recently released his debut album, Straight Eyed Pessimist. He was looking for some videos to help promote the album and his online image. The first video released was the first track from the album, Wheelbarrow Race, which was an interesting one to produce and was all […]

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Shean Williams

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I filmed a couple of live music videos with the very talented Shean Williams which were recorded and edited by Adam Miller. These were just simple two camera rigs where we kept one camera static, then I moved round to get a range of shots for cutaways. Both were shot in Bodywork Studios just using natural light. The first […]

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A music video for Floating by Alastair McNamara (previously Lost Boys’ Club) and Sam Lewin, showing how his live performances will work. Alastair and I produced the backing video which was then projected onto him. It was all filmed in Pembrey Studio and you can see a bit of a behind the scenes of how we did it. The wide shot was filmed on […]

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