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I love problem solving through code, whether it be embedded devices or websites

I’ve decided to go freelance, specialising in events production, development, photography & videography. I’ve had a varied events career, since working on community events at Comberton Sports and Arts, various small festivals, theatre, outdoor cinema and then more recently working on a wide range of events at Loughborough Students’ Union: This has given me a […]

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I’ve completed the build of the drone since the last update and now it’s come to the first test flight, which you can see in this cinematic masterpiece: It flew for a little longer than this, but could have gone better I’ve powered all the parts of the drone, including the flight controller and the Pi […]

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The MindEd Trust

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Recently I have been working on a site for The MindEd Trust, a charity formed after the tragic suicide of Ed Mallen. The Trust aims to address the stigmas attached to mental health and help those struggling. Whilst the site is currently in its infancy and fairly basic, it serves as a useful resource of information, […]

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Bye bye Dropbox

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For the past few years Dropbox has been my faithful companion when it comes to sharing my photos, but as they’ve introduced more and more clutter, removed features in an attempt to monetise it, it has become less professional and I needed to find an alternative. Hello sets! As a recent small project, I have […]

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