Michael Robshaw

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Michael Robshaw is a local up and coming artist who has recently released his debut album, Straight Eyed Pessimist. He was looking for some videos to help promote the album and his online image.

The first video released was the first track from the album, Wheelbarrow Race, which was an interesting one to produce and was all filmed on one long afternoon. It was really important for it to be well lit and to have a completely steady tripod – there was quite a lot hung off it to ensure it didn’t move so I could easily mask the different takes in post. Then to liven up the video we filmed the whole track through on each instrument to provide cutaways.

After the first hit 1000 views, the lyrics video for Falling Sideways was released. The concept was that it was just a sheet of paper, with him playing at the side, made to look like ink on the page. The lyrics, written by Kayla Aronhalt, were then overlaid onto the paper background.

Then the final one to be released was a quick one we shot one evening in Grantchester Meadows. Fun & Games was just a simple video, mixing between Glidecam and tripod shots, then just a matter of trying to sync it all up in post.

A month later, I filmed him performing live at BBC Cambridgeshire with a full interview afterwards.

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