Going freelance.

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I've decided to go freelance, specialising in events production, development, photography & videography.

Events Technician

I've had a varied events career, since working on community events at Comberton Sports and Arts, various small festivals, theatre, outdoor cinema and then more recently working on a wide range of events at Loughborough Students' Union:

This has given me a wide range of skills, including experience in live visuals (using Resolume), corporate-style AV (using QLab), vision mixing, camera operating, rigging, power, lighting design & operation and analogue & digital sound consoles.

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Through my degree, personal projects and work at Arm, I've built up a good understanding of problem-solving, team-working and a range of programming languages. I've setup websites for small businesses using WordPress and other CMSs, worked on embedded systems as well as creating desktop and mobile apps.

Test flying an autonomous drone as part of my final year project
Test flying an autonomous drone as part of my final year project

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I've shot a diverse set of subjects over the past 5 years, such as sports, live events & portraiture.

Scouting for Girls performing in Room 1 at Loughborough Students' Union Grad Ball 2018
Scouting for Girls performing at LSU Grad Ball 2018

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AU Ball 2018 video
Over the past few years, I have produced videos for a variety of clients, including: music videos, promotional pieces for businesses, events highlights and wedding videos.

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These are my main areas of expertise but I also have a strong creative and technical background applicable to a wider set of projects.

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