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Website Update

I am currently updating the website for the first time after having had it it for nearly a year. I want to keep the site looking fresh and new with a clean style and with refreshed work on each page. I will do a more detailed post soon but in the ...

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Posted on 07/07/2014

New website design

The new design is completely ready now along with newly updated content on every page. This redesign aims to be a bit more clean and focus more on the content, with a modern simple white, thin styles and logos. There is also new content on every p...

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Posted on 22/07/2014

For the past few years Dropbox has been my faithful companion when it comes to sharing my photos, but as they’ve introduced more and more clutter, removed features in an attempt to monetise it, it has become less professional and I needed to fin...

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Posted on 09/07/2015