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Anything to do with Norfolk or the Norfolk Broads

These are a few personal videos I’ve made whilst playing around with my drone (DJI Mavic); I like to try new things in these videos like different styles of colour grading or transitions. The first one I made, Been There Drone That, was a compilation of the first few days of owning the drone and some of the aerial shots […]

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Eastwood Whelpton

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Eastwood Whelpton are a Norfolk-based sailing boat hire company, who were looking for a short promotional piece for their fleet of yachts being sailed. I shot this at the same time as filming the Bitternes Afloat promo as they use a lot of the Eastwood Whelpton Yachts. The main challenge with this was there was a […]

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Bitternes Afloat

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Similar to the Pathfinder Broads Cruise promotional piece, this was to promote another Christian sailing holiday run on the Norfolk Broads: Bitternes Afloat. I aimed to show the active side as well as the personal side, with plenty of pieces to camera, filmed with a two camera setup and dual system sound – provide by […]

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