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I've helped plenty of start ups get online, as well as worked on my own personal projects


AltiView is a drone company, specialising in high quality aerial imagery, as well as surveying. When starting up they were looking for a visually enticing website that showcased the work they do.

I developed this responsive site, managed by the client with WordPress as a CMS, which has full width header images and on the home page a slick show reel playing.

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AltiView Website Design

Alarm Clock

This was a university project to develop a simple alarm clock using an Arduino. This was really quick to make and I completed the whole assignment fairly easily. To do write up I used StackEdit, which made it easy as I could use MarkDown and make the UML diagrams.

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Arduino Alarm Clock

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I've summarised the changes that I implemented in a blog post:

The new site may not look all that new compared to the previous site… A load of minor tweaks have been made to the styling but it's largely the same, keeping a lot of the work done by previous webmaster, Andrew Watts, including some of his graphics.

The main change in the new site is that all the councillors can login and edit the site, so watch this space for lots of updates hopefully. Creating this system has involved me writing a lot of code for my computing coursework and hopefully it all works and will be used by future councils.

New site blog post

All the site content is updated by the current councillors using the system I wrote.

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The system is largely PHP, editing a MySQL database via PDO, with some of the inputs updating via AJAX; all the original styling was rewritten into SCSS.

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Michael Robshaw

In light of his debut album release, Michael Robshaw asked me to design his website to promote it. I went for a simple single page design to minimalistically show the content. I focussed on how the site would resize, aiming to make full use of the width, especially with the videos that I’d produced.

It’s a socially optimised site, utilising Michael’s social feeds and is designed to be shared well on Facebook and Twitter with optimised metadata that will also boost its SEO. It also performs as web app on Apple mobile devices when you add it to the home screen from Safari.

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Mage are a local events production and promotion company who needed a website to represent them. The site works to promote the company and increases their professionality, with the home page showcasing some of the events they’ve organised and promoted. It’s fully responsive and fits the style of the company.

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Every Street Prayer

Hope Cambridge asked me to design a new site based around the idea of users logging in, marking their street and seeing who was around them. It had to be very usable, and so log in is done with a Google login, so that users didn’t need to create a new password, and I used the Google Maps API which has full support across devices.

This was an interesting project, especially creating the map to read a database with all the markers on with the data on. Speaking of data, I was keen to adhere to the data protection act and the way data is handled is made clear. It was something a bit different and great to see it being used.

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An informative site about the uses of silicon in circuitry which I compiled for my physics coursework. The focus of the coursework was centred around the physics as opposed to the presentation, so I decided on using the Strut editor, which was great for this project and the code it produced was easy to edit (also the handouts feature was handy). The main disappointment of the project was the flakey IE support, but as I said in my extended planning, this was a small price to pay.

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This was a simple conceptual design for a friend’s business coursework. Much of the design was inspired by iOS 7, using simple but effective colour and light text. It really highlights the power of typography, essentially the tone of voice in which the text is read. I feel it’s a nice design, a little way off deployment, but they got an A, so it suited its purpose perfectly.

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Nasu Enzuru

Local theatre company, Nasu Enzuru, asked me to design and build their site, keeping it in character with the company's style. It's a tasteful design that resizes beautifully and brings the content to the user effortlessly.

Working from the agreed colour scheme, I created the requested pages and made the changes as requested. The site is key promotional tool for the company and will continue to become an even more integral part of their promotional work.

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Gareth Nunns

The aim of this site is to exhibit a range of my skills, with that in mind it is simple to use and elegantly designed. It uses a monochromatic colour scheme to keep the focus on the content and to give it a more minimalistic feel. The brushed wall effect for the background is obviously inspired by my recent purchase of a Mac, but that is also contrasted with the Ubuntu font, which was my favourite font at the time of creation.

It is entirely responsive, including the range of dynamic content, notably in the blog. The photo of the week section keeps the site constantly fresh and up to date with a different look upon user’s visits. I like the site design and it allows me to share my content with the world, so it fits it’s purpose well.

Previous site design

Cambridge Canoe Club

I revamped this design after the rather dated previous design and did so at the request of the committee. It is intended to reflect the design of the newsletter, with the colour scheme and waves, which both fit rather well.

I wanted it to be simple to use, so with the wealth of pages and large tree structure, the multi-level dropdown seemed like the best option. The pages have no obvious container and blend in with the soft background to make the content a bit more fluid.

The design isn't perfect but is flexible, multi-platform and responsive, so covers the range of devices of the club's large user base.

Site changed since


The idea of this project to create a simple educational micro blogging virtual learning environment (EMBVLE) that is a mix of Twitter, Tumblr, Google+'s circles and Moodle.

The design has changed around a lot and this was really my first experience of using Bootstrap. As a design, it is fairly simplistic, but also there are some more complex things, like the animated SVG.

The project is still ongoing, though little work has been done on it recently; I'm not sure what the future of the project will be, but there has been a fair bit of work put into it.

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Pathfinder Broads Cruise

This is mainly an information point for the small event and a place to collate information, media and links to social media. The design has various inspirations, the top cover photo imitates that of Facebook, Google+ and alike; the gradient heading styles (see info page) add a little Mac edge to it; the flipping albums on the photos page aim to be like flicking through photo prints.

This website is where I've tried out some more experimental designs and they work alright I think, like the animated links page. It functions well as what it is - an information page.

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