Do I film weddings?

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I've filmed a fair few weddings now and have developed a laidback style, capturing all of the moments of the day without getting in the way. As I'm a student and sometimes have full time summer jobs, it can be tricky to fit them in sometimes, but depending on the year I usually can do a few.

What I provide

I always aim to provide a short 3-4 minute highlight video, set to a song of the couple's choice - often the first dance song. This includes footage from the whole day, or however long the couple wish to include, but usually from the bride preparing, through arriving at the church, snippets of the ceremony, walking down the aisle, the confetti throw outside the church, any afternoon entertainment, the wedding breakfast, snippets of the speeches, cutting of the cake, the first dance and then dancing after. I generally film weddings around the Cambridge area, but am happy to drive and have filmed further afield.

I tailor what I provide to the couple's needs: I can also provide a second videographer to cover the groom getting ready, and they can also stay during the ceremony and evening to get additional angles & shots. Other extras are filming the whole ceremony and speeches: not all couples want these, but they can be a nice way to remember the day.

Wedding video shot at C3 Church, with a reception in Downing College in Cambridge from 2016

Can you film my wedding?

Maybe! Drop me a message and let me know what you're looking for - as I don't do this as a full time job and I'm not looking to make a large profit, my prices are competitive and start at £700 (in 2017): as there are many options to chose from I quote each couple individually based on their needs. In 2018, I will hopefully be graduating and going travelling, but will have plenty of free time too.

Wedding video shot at OLEM church and reception at King's College in Cambridge from 2015

Why do I do it?

Weddings are usually a fun day with nice people - having done them a few times now and having a background in events, I'm pretty comfortable on the day and can film whatever happens in an unobtrusive style. It's nice to try different editing styles and to produce a video that a couple are really happy with - hopefully one they'll watch for years to come. It's also good to cover the cost of the equipment, as photography and videography are expensive hobbies.

Wedding video shot at Downing College in Cambridge from 2017