Inception-like Drone Video

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I recently went up Beacon Hill in Loughborough with my drone just for fun. I then played around with the clips in Final Cut and created this Inception style short video:

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How I did it

I shot it all at 1080p60 on my DJI Mavic Pro and mainly flew it in straight directions to get these shots. To edit it, I created a square 1080x1080 project in Final Cut Pro, moved the clip to the bottom of the frame, duplicated it, rotated it 180 degrees, added a graduated mask to the sky and moved it to the top of frame. You can then play around with reversing the one of the clips or time warping them. I then made all that into a compound clip and did some digital zooms & pans on it. Then just repeated for the other clips, edited it to the music, added a simple grade over it and put on a title.

Inception style edit in Final Cut Pro
Inception style edit in Final Cut Pro: rotate the clip and add a graduated mask