Loughborough AU Ball 2018

Following on from the success of video from the year before, I produced this slick video in the same style and pleased the client:

That is insane, so impressed, thanks Gareth!!

Credits must go to Gareth Nunns for his professional media output

Absolutely unreal, blown away, chuffed to bits

It was a beautiful day so I featured more of the outdoor photos by the fountain in Loughborough and brought along the drone for fun, plus adding some motion-tracked graphics, which I created from the flat graphics provided. I aimed to capture as many aspects of the night as possible, including all awards winners. For the edit, the aim was to keep it fairly short to suit Facebook audiences; it's a fairly standard edit to the beat, then graded and some light sound design added.

I made quite a few event highlight videos whilst at Loughborough and this is probably the pinnacle of those.

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Gareth Nunns filming Loughborough AU Ball