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Anything to do with Loughborough Students’ Union, the UK’s largest student venue – where I worked during university

Following on from the success of video from the year before, I produced this slick video in the same style and pleased the client: That is insane, so impressed, thanks Gareth!! Credits must go to Gareth Nunns for his professional media output Absolutely unreal, blown away, chuffed to bits It was a beautiful day so I featured more […]

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The executive elections at Loughborough Students’ Union are a fairly large event, following the week of campus-wide campaigning. The results show is held in the venue’s largest room, holding 1000+ audience, and is also live streamed to a wider audience. I led a lot of the planning, setup and operation, from the set design to programming.

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Your browser doesn’t support the video tag, download the video here This is a quick video as part of Aura, the commercial side of the Loughborough Students’ Union media department, to cover the RAG (charity work) awards. This was a simple video to make, just mixing between 50mm and Glidecam shots, then cutting in a […]

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