Photo of the Week: 22/10/14

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This is from a recent shoot I did with local company, Quiver, to recreate one of William Hogarth’s paintings.

Quiver clothing recreation of William Hogarth Tavern Scene
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 1/50sec // f/2.8 // ISO-320 // 11mm

It was a tricky shot to replicate in camera: it was a tight space we were working in and there was minimal light. To achieve the look I darkened the whole image and colour graded it to match the photo, then brushed in each of the characters, brightening and giving them a warmer colour.

And this is a version of the original painting:

The Tavern Scene
A Rake’s Progress, 3: The Tavern Scene – Wikipedia

The version of the painting I was working had a higher contrast and a green tint