Hills Road 4.5 2014

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At the time, this was my most popular video, covering the annual fun run at my college. It was just meant to be a feel good video that summed up the event and I felt it was a success.

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Here are some comments made on the video:

Gareth Nunns has done a superb job putting together an amazing video of the day from footage he took

Every time you watch it you’ll notice something new, such as a link between lyrics and video, or someone in the crowd pulling a face as they stretch. I’m sure you’ll agree it captures the atmosphere of the event, and shows just how positive and committed everyone is

It’s awesome. Really. It captures the atmosphere so well, is uplifting to watch and so slick

It makes everyone look really happy and a fun event!

It’s a fantastic job, looks professional and captures the spirit of the day perfectly

Fabulous video – well done and thank you Gareth

Glidecam shoot for the Hills Road fun run
Hills Road 4.5 was mostly shot on my Glidecam, as seen in the picture, with either an 18-55mm or a 35mm, and then edited in Final Cut Pro, making sure it stuck to the beat of the uplifting song.