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I though I’d take a break from pictures to entertain this idea: solipsism. The concept that all we are certain of is the existence of our own mind and nothing else. Let’s expand that – your body, your friends and the world around, only exists as an idea in your mind. And the best bit:

There’s no way to prove that this isn’t true


My hope of writing this post is that people will read it, but, according to this theory, I will also conjure those people up. But now separate yourself, think: you have imagined this blog post; you’ve even imagined me and this whole website. Everything you own, everything you know and everything you believe is just some figment of your imagination.

Now whilst you might think this is just a non-sense theory, try and disprove it – you can’t, all the science you know may as well just be another thought inside your brain. Your worries over a job or an assignment become irrelevant when you realise they are just your own problems that you have created; this can be expanded to cover the disputes of nations. The image I like is that when you look down on Earth from space, the wars and violence seem so insignificant, but that is for another post.

If you take anything from this post, just consider that your potential, your entire life’s work, according to this theory, which you can’t disprove, is only limited by your imagination.