Notch Real-Time Graphics

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During the bountiful free time I've been blessed with due to the worldwide collapse of the events industry, I've been learning Notch. Notch is a real-time graphics solution which is aimed at the events industry for producing live generative graphics; these can be exported as 'blocks' with parameters exposed and run on a media server taking input from other systems, such as tracking data or lighting desks.

I recently purchased an Avolites Editor Key which I loaded my Notch Builder Learning license on to and completed the Notch Essentials course, then went on to design further graphics. I think with the power of modern graphics cards we will see a shift to generative graphics as they are far more interactive for audience and can scale more easily - the nature of being generative. Notch has been great to learn and the node based workflow is very intuitive.

This will affect all facets of the industry, from touring EDM acts to corporate events, where with system integration of cameras or systems like BlackTrax will bring a much greater production value to the show. I think there will also be a greater demand for technicians and designers with an overall system knowledge: where experience of lighting, visuals & networking will be invaluable.

Notch Low Resolution Screen Render