Audacious Productions

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Audacious Productions

Audacious Productions is the theatre company at Comberton Village College, where I went for secondary school. They put on large shows like Copacabana, Grease and We Will Rock You. With both actors and crew made up mostly by students, they produce impressive shows with large audiences each night. There would usually be a week of set up and rehearsals where I gained experience of building a set, as well as micing up actors/bands and setting up/operating analogue mixing desks. My role at FOH these shows lay mostly in running sound for the radio mics - usually over 15 mics with a complex script.

Audacious Productions We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You was the largest show to date that Audacious Productions had put on and was the last that I was actively involved with. There were roughly 20 radio mics, a full band, visuals, complex set and a lighting rig.

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Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 Rack Mount Mixer

You Can't Stop The Beat!

You Can't Stop The Beat was a compilation of songs from well-known musicals that toured in Germany. I was invited on the exchange to do all of the tech for the show. This entailed running the mix of the band, chorus and radio mics, as well as the lights and a general stagehand.

Comberton Sports and Arts

Comberton Sports and Arts

The Audacious Productions shows were only some of the larger events that were put on at Comberton Sports and Arts. Whilst there, I worked on dance shows, conference, magic shows, live sound gigs, cabaret and professional ballet, to name a few. This gave me a rounded experience of events, working most of the positions in the building, from the door to managing the tech team for an event.