Year: 2013

It was Guy Fawkes night yesterday, hence a topical photo of the week and who doesn’t love copious amounts of gunpowder exploding in the sky to celebrate a man trying to blow up parliament. This shot was taken at the stunning Cambridge Fireworks, and tries to soak up the amazing atmosphere and beauty of the event. […]

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Nasu Enzuru Promo

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My latest video is out and here it is: This is a short promotional piece for Nasu Enzuru Theatre Company, produced for their performance of Charles Dickens’ ‘The Haunting’. It looks to encapsulate the whole atmosphere of the night’s entertainment – the genteel surroundings, the music performances, refreshments and the show itself, with audience reviews. The […]

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This week’s photo is from the opening night of Nasu Enzuru’s latest production, The Haunting. It’s really tricky to photograph, due to the really low light and fast action, but I felt this shot encapsulated the whole action of the spectacle of outdoor theatre in November: fires, marquees, theatre lighting; all under the starry night sky. It’s […]

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I though I’d take a break from pictures to entertain this idea: solipsism. The concept that all we are certain of is the existence of our own mind and nothing else. Let’s expand that – your body, your friends and the world around, only exists as an idea in your mind. And the best bit: […]

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