Year: 2013

A festive shot this week, inspired by the Gavin Hoey‘s balancing flash and low light video. Being the season, there are plentiful small point light sources which can create some nice bokeh. I felt this shot worked well with the angel wings complemented by the curve of the window lights. I was obviously shooting wide open to […]

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This week’s shot was taken at the Robinson Theatre production of Oh What A Lovely War, an immensely festive show. There were the usual complications of working with stage lighting and unpredictable action, but I was really pleased with the final results and will be soon on display. The lighting gave a nice natural vignette […]

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This week’s photo is from the final of the Cambridge Under 18 band competition final. Though a little cliched it had nice composition and the split toning worked well. The leading lines drawing the eye toward the focal point looked nice, though there is a bit of a distraction from the reflection on the guitar […]

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This week’s photo was taken at the Cambridge Under 18s Band Competition at the Portland Arms.I liked the way the cold light fell on to the guitar player, with the natural vignette. This shot just used the minimal stage light, hence the slow shutter speed and wide aperture, leaving the other band members as just […]

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