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Matt & Sarah Stokes

Published 27th November 2013

This was my first attempt at a wedding video and I feel it pretty well. I produced this for the beautiful wedding of Matthew and Sarah Stokes at Cambridge Quy Mill Hotel. They were a wonderful couple and it was a really special day, which I hoped to convey in the video. This was a great opportunity to give the couple an extra way to remember their special day, which they loved.

The bridal preparation introductory shots work to set the tone for the video, many achieved with a slider, which then leads into the establishing shots of the church, flowing in to the ceremony itself. The music reflecting these transitions, as perfectly composed by Jay Richardson, which works really well throughout, adding production value and direction to the video. I could not thank Jay enough, an amazing award-winning composer, who has been aired on national radio.

I wanted the main focus to be on the couple, reflected through the audio by taking snippets from the ceremony and then the plentiful shots of them during the photo shoot. I also felt it important to include a few shots of their cute daughter, a significant part of their life, as seen in the video.






My workflow


Nikon D5100 // Nikon D750

11-16mm F2.8 // 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 // 35mm F1.8 // 50mm F1.4 // 70-200mm F2.8 // 70-300mm F4-5.6

Glidecam // Slider // Fluid Head Tripod

Zoom H4n // Rode NTG2 on boom // smartLav

Post Production

Macbook Pro

Final Cut Pro X

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