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Published 21st December 2016

Whilst at Loughborough University, I made some videos for my hall Hazlerigg-Rutland, or Rigg-Rut for short. I became one of the media reps on the hall committee as a fresher, which meant filming and photographing events, as well as producing other media surrounding the hall.

The first video I produced was for Winter Ball in December 2015. It's just a short highlights video, showcasing the evening featuring many of the people from the hall. The video got a good response and people liked it...

Best student video I've seen since I've got here, amazing work Gareth

Following the success of the Winter Ball video, I made a fairly similar video for Summer Ball. It was slightly higher production value - I used my camera gimbal to get the smooth shots at the start where there was lots of space, where a wide angle looks really good. The D750 was great in the low light at the hall and the slow-mo worked well. I was pretty happy with it and it was very well received, it got over 8000 views on Facebook, with lots of shares and comments:

This video is INSANE Gareth well done

Gareth's videos are always so slick

Hats off to your media rep! V good video

I then went on to make the subsequent winter ball and summer ball videos.





My workflow


Nikon D5100 // Nikon D750

11-16mm F2.8 // 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 // 35mm F1.8 // 50mm F1.4 // 70-200mm F2.8 // 70-300mm F4-5.6

Glidecam // Slider // Fluid Head Tripod

Zoom H4n // Rode NTG2 on boom // smartLav

Post Production

Macbook Pro

Final Cut Pro X

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