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Brad + Dani

Published 11th January 2016

I had a great day filming the wedding of Brad and Dani Cornwell; it was also quite a long one: covering all the way through the day, from the bride and groom preparing, the service, drinks reception, dinner and disco. This video shows the brief highlights of the day, including the service in the grand OLEM church in Cambridge, as well as the reception in King's College, set to their first dance song. As well as this video, the couple received a full video of the day lasting almost two hours.

Brad + Dani at wedding on bridge

To cover the groom getting ready and to give greater coverage of the ceremony, Peter Noble was my assistant and did a sound job. To shoot it, I mainly flew my Nikon D750 on the GlideCam (seen on the righthand edge of the photo), then used my D5100 with prime lenses to get closeups with depth (seen in the photo below). I am pleased with the work and so were the couple:

The videos are amazing. Thank you so much for the hard work. Really appreciate all you have done.

Filming Dani in house

The main challenge I faced when editing the full length video was the audio in the church, with the mix of six audio feeds and echo in the room to contend with. Now with a recorder and mic, this should be an issue of the past :)

Photos by Phil Hearing






My workflow


Nikon D5100 // Nikon D750

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Glidecam // Slider // Fluid Head Tripod

Zoom H4n // Rode NTG2 on boom // smartLav

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Macbook Pro

Final Cut Pro X

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