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Photo of the Week: 25/12/13

1/2 sec, F1.8, ISO 100, 35mm

A festive shot this week, inspired by the Gavin Hoey's balancing flash and low light video. Being the season, there are plentiful small point light sources which can create some nice bokeh. I felt this shot worked well with the angel wings complemented by the curve of the window lights. I was obviously shooting wide open to capture the largest bokeh and there was obviously a little post-production to add a slight vignette to cover up the tripod hanging the angel.

These glass tree decorations looked nice so here's another one I took:

1/2 sec, F1.8, ISO 100, 35mm

Both of them used a weak bounced flash, 1/128 power, with a diffuser to try and balance the light

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