Photo of the Week: 25/09/13

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This will be the mid-week feature where I talk a bit about the week’s photo, going into the location, framing and how I took it, with what I was looking for. The date in the title of the post is the week beginning of the photo and will usually be posted on a Wednesday; the observant readers will notice that I am already behind, but on the bright side, look at the styled RSS feed.

This week’s photo was taken in Portsmouth from the deck of the FACT lightship during golden hour obviously. There was plenty of light so I took it at ISO 1g0, shutter speed of 1/1600 at F10, with a 50mm lens. I liked this photo for the rich colours, which are slightly enhanced in post. Though the main thing I did in editing was to add more contrast to make the shot a bit more punchy. I waited a while to take the shot to get a silhouetted bird flying across the setting sun.


Sunset at Fellowship Afloat Charitable Trust in Tollesbury
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 1/1600sec // f/10 // ISO-160 // 50mm