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Photo of the Week: 22/1/14

This photo aims to make a comment about the facade that teenagers feel they need to make and how they are viewed in the wider community. It shows one half of the face, the side that society sees: the side they judge, without seeing the true reflection of the individual. As a demanding and busy society we take people for the face value and don't read any more, who their other side is, what's under the hood. This is shown by the surrounding darkness, the onlookers in the shadows, invisible yet judging.

To create the stark contrast, I used a single bright led panel, so the light would fall off quickly and fairly sharp Rembrandt shadows. Then the camera setting were just to compensate the minimal light, with a large aperture to draw the eye to the subject.

1/60 sec, F1.8, ISO 250, 35mm

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