Photo of the Week: 6/11/13

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It was Guy Fawkes night yesterday, hence a topical photo of the week and who doesn't love copious amounts of gunpowder exploding in the sky to celebrate a man trying to blow up parliament. This shot was taken at the stunning Cambridge Fireworks, and tries to soak up the amazing atmosphere and beauty of the event. I intentionally included the crowd, silhouetted by the stunning display, enjoy...

Cambridge Fireworks view from the crowd
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 5sec // f/22 // ISO-100 // 18mm

There was a little bit of editing in post, mainly just adding a bit of vibrance and brightening. I took them a little underexposed to make sure there were no burn outs, also I kept it at F22 as the focal point was variable and to let as little light in as possible

I couldn't resist posting a few other photos from the night too:

Cambridge Fireworks on Parker's Piece
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 8sec // f/22 // ISO-100 // 18mm
Cambridge Fireworks
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 15sec // f/22 // ISO-100 // 18mm
Cambridge fairground attraction long exposure
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 3sec // f/22 // ISO-100 // 18mm

The moving attractions looked awesome with a long exposure...

Cambridge fairground attractions at Cambridge Fireworks long exposure
Shot on NIKON D5100 // 6sec // f/22 // ISO-100 // 18mm