Mini Olympics

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My latest video was produced for the South Cambridgeshire Schools Sports Partnership for their annual event in June, bring together over 1400 year 4 primary school children, led by sports leaders from the surrounding secondary schools.

It was mainly shot on the 18-55mm kit lens and a 35mm f1.8, on a mix of handheld, a DIY steadicam and a tripod. I still need some practice using the stabiliser, but there are some nice shots and it can be fixed a little in post. The GoPro timelapse of the entire event, without a lot of editing, was extremely bland – washed out and lacked contrast, so that came out fairly well considering.

The music was composed by Jay Richardson and fits well to the video; I intended for the video to build in action, starting off with the slow panning shots into the timelapse, then bursting out of that into the sports, then dipping in tension before the closing ceremony – hopefully that came across a bit though the video and music.

And here is the video: