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These are the posts from October 2013

Outdoor Shakespeare and Drums

I have just added some of my latest sound projects to the sound page, so check them out.

Spoiler alert: It features an outdoor Shakespeare production and awesome drumming

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Posted on 01/10/2013

This week's shot is of a band member of 28 Boulevard taken at a recent gig at the Junction. This was a fairly tricky shot to achieve - it was taken on stage with little light that was constantly changing with a smoke machine going at the same time...

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Posted on 02/10/2013


I though I'd take a break from pictures to entertain this idea: solipsism. The concept that all we are certain of is the existence of our own mind and nothing else. Let's expand that - your body, your friends and the world around, only exists as a...

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Tags: philosophy

Posted on 07/10/2013

This week's is of Shy FX performing at Hills Road Freshers. It was another tricky shot - fast moving action with not much light, so pretty difficult to focus and a high ISO (320), but I got to use my new flash. Alas, I could fix it in post and I s...

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Posted on 11/10/2013

Nasu Enzuru Website Launch

I've pretty much finished work on the site for Nasu Enzuru theatre and just added it to my projects page. It looks pretty good, so take a look at it here:; unsurprisingly the domain wasn't already taken.


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Tags: new web design projects

Posted on 13/10/2013

It's me. I shot this to add a bit of professionality to the site and improve my image, quite literally. I used a two light set up on a plain blue background, then burnt out that channel in the black and white to give it the whitey background. It w...

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Posted on 16/10/2013

Just a short post this week - very busy...

This week's picture was taken at a local charity casino night, using a flash and a long exposure - this makes the moving number stand still, yet still have motion blur, enjoy:


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Posted on 24/10/2013

This week's photo is from the opening night of Nasu Enzuru's latest production, The Haunting. It's really tricky to photograph, due to the really low light and fast action, but I felt this shot encapsulated the whole action of the spectacle of out...

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Posted on 30/10/2013